Leslie Ivey, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, founded Nutrition Specialists of Austin with the mission to improve the health of her clients through practical, realistic, and accurate nutrition information.

We know that it is important for the food you eat to taste good. We know that food plays an important role in many social and family gatherings.  We know that fad diets don’t work and moderation is the key to success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We know that you have a busy life and healthy eating habits have to easily fit into that lifestyle.

Whether your nutrition goals include weight loss, improving heart health, managing your diabetes, dealing with your child’s food allergies or picky eating, or just learning more about healthy eating habits, Nutrition Specialists of Austin will arm you with the tools you need achieve those goals without feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or deprived.

Nutrition Specialists of Austin is "Real Nutrition for Real People”.